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Substations, lighting, storm restoration & large scale solar

We’re licensed, experienced, and highly skilled. You can rest easy knowing that your services are being handled by the best money can buy!


S & H Power Services has over 8 years of sub-station experience from 138kv to 25 kv. We can help from the ground up. Starting with underground conduits, ground grid, structural steel, cable installation and terminations. All associated busswork, switches, breakers, fence grounding, control building and panel building. Have faith our expertise will be there every step of the way.


Maintaining ‘as-designed’ lighting levels on roadways is a major concern for all municipalities and agencies. S&H Power Services can manage this concern by providing high quality street lighting, parking lot lighting maintenance services. 

Storm Restoration & Emergency Response

S&H Power Services performs emergency storm restoration to power lines in the event of storm damage.  S&H Power Services maintains their core safety values while working through emergency storm response.  We work meticulously during whatever hours are needed and we have highly experienced and skilled power line technicians who are ready to deploy as quickly as required.

Powerline Construction

S&H Power Services can provide service in underground and overhead electrical power distribution systems.  Our highly skilled, experienced workforce can perform construction, maintenance, and testing.


As a solar and electrical contractor, our company specializes in providing solar power services to utility clients. By investing in solar power, these utilities can reduce their energy costs and carbon footprint, taking advantage of government incentives and improving their sustainability profile. Our team of experienced professionals will work with your organization to design and install a customized solar power system that meets your specific energy needs and budget. 

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